1. What is the dominating color of the cat?
2. What geographic part of Florida do most panthers live?
3. A Florida panther is considered a __________ because of it’s meat-based
6. Reintroduced panthers came from this state to help reproduction of the
Florida panther.
7.The number of Florida panthers believed to be left in the wild today.
8. An individual that can help protect the last remaining Florida panthers.
10. The Florida panther’s main source of food; large mammal is?
2. This is used to mark boundaries or a panther’s territory.
4. How many toes does a panther have?
5. Panthers are most active during the ______?
9. What is the official, federal listed status of the Florida Panther?
11. What is the scientific subspecies name of the Florida panther? Puma
concolor ________.

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Florida Panther Cross Word Puzzle