The Florida Panther is a State Protected
Animal, and an endangered species.  We will
talk about that later.
First , Let's talk about how cute they are
when they are kittens.

They have little black spots on them like
many other big cats. This camouflage
protects them from other predators, but
since they are on the top of the food chain  ;
they really don't have many natural enemies
however  humans, who have invaded and
polluted their habitats are another issue.
Florida Panther

by Kaylie W.

September 20th, 2008
Florida Panthers have four toes.Panther Kittens will stay with
their mother for nearly two years and are considered to be
grown at  2 1/2  years old. At that time they are able to breed.
They use scat to mark boundaries  or their territory. They
become very solitary when grown and males need almost 200
square miles and females 75 square miles to roam.
State conservationists have spent millions
of dollars putting up signs like these shown
here, to make people aware when they are
driving in an area where Panthers often
cross the road.  The problem there is that
the Panthers don't read and often cross the
road distant to the warning signs.

A better approach is the underpass seen
below. The Panthers as well as other wildlife
have been shown to accept this alternative
route, but this is far more expensive than
So now we have covered some of the
unpleasant aspects of the Florida panthers
modern life, so let's move on to the joyful
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Florida Panthers!!
Florida Panthers once roamed a large area of the
Southeast United States, but now most reside in state
parks and private habitats. State parks and state
preserves are the "safety zone" for surviving Florida
Panthers,and their most secure hope for survival in the
These areas provide safe havens for panthers to
live,hunt,and reproduce. The animated map above
shows how the population of wild Florida Panthers has
been pushed down into the Southwest corner of
The estimated  number of adult Florida Panther still in
existence has increased in the last ten years to well
over 100; approximately 20 in captivity and 80 in the
A Florida Panther wades in the waters of the
Everglades, now polluted with Mercury from
Agricultural Irrigation Runoff. This effects all
of us who depend on this water including
humans and animals of the region.

We can help save Florida Panthers by not
polluting where they live,drive slowly where
they may cross the street and make
donations to state parks and preserves.

Under way, a nationally funded project to
bring several Texas Cougars to Florida for
interbreeding with the Florida Panther may
be a way to speed up the population
recovery of these wonderful animals. It is
also thought, at some point the Florida
Panthers may be needed to help certain  
cougar populations.
Adult Panther males weigh up to 130 pounds, while adult
females weigh up to just 70 pounds. Their colors are a mixture
of tawny brown and gray. One feature very distinct about
these cats is their appearance of having applied eyeliner.
Florida Panthers are a sub-species of the Cougar or Mountain
Lion. Florida Panther scientific name Puma Concolor Coryi.

Below are pictures of each. Can you see the difference in their
Florida Panther                                   Cougar
The Florida Panther is important to the South  Florida
Ecological  System. As the top predator, they help keep
things in balance. Their prey are primarily Deer, Wild Hogs
and Raccoons; all of which can become  overpopulated
without the panther. As well, they help with something called
Natural Selection, where the weaker animals become prey
and the better fit animals will thrive. Florida Panthers are
nocturnal and hunt at night.
I hope you have enjoyed my report,
and learned something as well. To
check your knowledge about Florida
Panthers, I have a cute little
Crossword Puzzle for you , Click the
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