Yes, That's Me
Driving A Car !
My Dad Let Me Drive This 1915 Model T Ford For
Almost an Hour After The Parade , it was Awesome ,
I learned How To Use The Pedals and Even Went in
Reverse. It was Easy for Me, I guess it Runs In My
Blood. Don't tell the Police I don't have a Drivers
yet !
When I was Driving Around A Bend In The
Road, A Big Truck Was Coming Straight At

Head On, And I Was On The Wrong
Side Of  The Street, My Dad  Was Very
Calm And Just Trusted Me  To Get Back In
The Right Lane, And I Did Just In Time.  
My Mom Took These Pictures
This Was A Good One, Except Fo
Clipping Off The Right Side Of The Car....
I still Love You
Anyway Mom
It Was So Hot , I actually Wished
It Would Have Rained.
Happy 4th Of July 2009
Independence Day
Look At Me, I Am In The Parade....
My Job Was To Throw Candy To All The Little Kids
Watching The Parade  , I Ran Out