Welcome to my Nintendo Dsi Page
Read below about some of my favorite games.
Nintendogs is a game
where you adopt and take
care of a puppy of any of
many various breeds.You
can train your dog to
compete in agility
obediance contests.
In animal crossing,wild
world,you live in a
neighborhood where
you must grow fruit to
sell and make money
in which you can use
to purchase clothes
and furniture for your
Drawn to life is an
action based game
where you draw
various things in
each level.You do
not get to create the
level,but when it
asks you to draw oh
say a submarine to
help you get
underwater you must
draw a submarine in
which you can
drive.You also draw
the main
character,or the
person you play as.
In scribblenauts,you
type in any word and
it shows up on the
screen.But however
there are levels.The
starite is a star you
must o in each
level.For instance,the
starite is stuck in a
tree.You type in a
ladder,and it a ladder
shows up.You climb
the ladder,and grab
the starite.Its not as
easy as it
I do not own and did not make any of the images shown on this page.I give full credit to the makers of
the images.
In 100 classic
select one book
out of 100 to
choose from
and turn your
game system
sideways like a
book or if more
right side
up.There are
also book marks
so you can read
more than one
book at a time.
You do not have to
buy flipnotes,it
comes free with
your Nintendo
Dsi.You draw a
picture on one
page then draw
that picture on
another page and
do it again and
again and play it
and it looks like its
moving such as a
flip book would
work on paper.The
picture of the Dsi
above has
flipnotes on the
screen,and once
you become good
at it you can make
a dinosaur like the
one above.