My Turtle,
My dad found Speedy in our Swimming Pool in the Summer of 2006. He had fallen in and couldn't
get out ..It's a good thing he found him before the chlorine made him sick.  So. we think it's a boy..
How can you tell anyway?
See this rainbow on the ceiling of my house?It's hard to believe
it,but,he made that rainbow!
(Well,not really,but he had something to do with it)
The sun shining through the window next to his tank shines
through the water which makes a rainbow! Cool,huh?
My pet turtle,named Speedy,is really cool!He is a peninsula cooter turttle.Funny name,right?For a
small turttle,he sure has a lot of speed!Thats why  I named him Speedy.He's cool!
I painted some grass on the sides of his terrarium glass so that he would feel more in the wild. He
tries to eat the grass but hasn't had any luck getting any.. silly litle guy..