A couple days before
Easter 2008,I went to three
easter egg hunts in one
day!At 6:00 in the morning
We went to the puplix
easter egg hunt with Nate.I
was finnally old enough to
go with the 8,9,10,11,and
12 year olds!But I was the
smallest kid in that group so
I got trampled.(picture on
the right.)
The second easter
egg hunt was in
parkland,but they put
the complete wrong
address in the paper
so we got
lost.Thankfully a guy
told us where it really
was so we were able to
get there.Nate blinked
on the this
picture.(picture on left)
The third one was  in Boca.I
went with my friend Larissa
that time.But I came kinda late
so I missed the egg hunt.But a
creepy clown(my
opinion)threw an egg at MY
HEAD!!I did not like that
clown.Inside the egg was a
tiny plastic treasure
chest.There was nothing it so
was a rip off.Then it started
raining,so me and Larissa
went inside an arcade truck.It
was awsome!The whole intire
time we were in the arcade
truck we played this car
game.You just had to race
other cars and stuff like
that.We finally one the game
by completing all the races so
we had to start over.
Have you been wondering who that
little red dragon was in all those
pictures?That is my pet
dragon,Sparx.We do every thing
together.My mom bought another one
for Nate.His is red too. He named his